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Bali Activities.Net offers to compose at will and freedom of adventure you want to live in Bali. You make your stay unforgettable by combining different modules presented. 

Discover their website: bali activities & enjoy unforgettable moments thanks to large numbers of offered activities. There’s something for everyone ! This will let you create magical holiday 🙂 You can choose among different categories offered on the website: The sea, sports, nature, children, SPA and Massage, Balinese culture and its people, etc ..

Don’t hesitate to contact them at any time : CONTACT . Enjoy all the activities that you can do in Bali & Enjoy your holiday with Karmen & Marius !

Peace, Love & Mojitos ! 

Photo: Lembogan island, Dream beach. 13115481_10207521161399566_1922526757_n



If you are in Bali and want a relaxing weekend, go to Lembongan. It’s a small island very close to Bali, around 30 minutes by boat.

You can catch the boat in Sanur, the price is on average 300,000 Indonesian rupiah per person for a round trip. I recommend the small Hotel / Restaurant “Bunga Bungalo” in front of the sea, it’s just soooooo beautiful. Rooms are functional and it is very well positioned in Lembongan.

This island will please you if you like snorkeling, if you like to discover beautiful beaches & if you want a relaxing moment 🙂


Enjoy it and Peace, Love & Mojitos !






Soon on eBay.com.au !

Karmen & Marius is happy to introduce the bags on sale. You can order directly online on eBay.com.au or directly on our website. It’s a pleasure for us to help you to find your happiness. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate !

As you know, The “Urban Hippy” touch of the brand invited us to travel by combining French touch and Indian inspirations. Specialized in production of unique and handmade products, Karmen & Marius successfully combine the retro- vintage aspects with also a modern touch by using timeless noble’s material for years: jeans, jute, canvas, leather and linen. Jute bag adorned with a simple “Peace, Love & Mojitos” have promptly begun the flagship model of the brand.

You can see our different models of bags on our website or on eBay.com.au, and this is some small description of our favorite bags:

Vintage Denim blue row is a classic bag, ideal for daily excursions or chic. This bag is handmade in Indonesia. Enjoy the authentic label glittering sequins on the front of the bag.

– If you want even more originality, we offer the bag: Vintage Denim blue destroy. This bag is light blue with an aged effect very fashionable.

Destiny Denim, if you are looking for something smaller and practice the destiny dinim bag is for you! This handbag manufactured in Indonesia is stylish and practical ..Enjoy two possible positions of the shoulder bag. & Finishes are in leather.

Handly Denim blue raw & Cute Denim blue raw are small. These kits will be perfectly accessorize your Karmen & Marius bag. Enjoy the authentic label on the front of the bag. Inside the bag is lined with a printed cotton Karmen and Marius.

& Don’t forget, Peace, Love & Mojitos ! 



Description of a perfect day in Ubud 

If you want to discover the wonders of Ubud, follow me! I already prepared the best program for a day of happiness in Ubud.

First step: Booked an hotel in a Guest House or elsewhere to spend your first night in Ubud. That’s better to be directly in Ubud and ready for the next day.

Second step: Go to the monkey forest around 8 am the next day. It’s really better to go over there early in the morning because there is not a lot of people at this time. You’ll see it’s amazing ! The monkeys are adorable and you can feed them. Price: 40,000 Indonesian Rupiah for adult. It’s cheaper for kids. You will spend between 2 and 3 hours to visit.

Third step: Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Rice fields are just beautiful, you have to see that. You could walk in the rice fields & stop to take pictures with the workers! This visit is free but count around 20,000 rupiah if you walk in the rice fields, you have to give some donations. You will spend between 2 and 3 hours for this activity. You can eat there, they are a lot of warung. 😉

Fourth step: Pura Tirta Empul temple. The temple is very touristic but you have to do that. The purification baths are the principal activity of the temple. The local population , men, women and children are dressed in their colorful traditional clothes . This is a spiritual activity. The price is 15,000 rupiah per adult and this visit will take about 1 to 2 hours . You will be close to many coffee plantations , do not hesitate to stop to taste .

Fifth step: In the evening, on the road back to Seminyak , stop at Tegenungan Waterfall. You can bathe in the waterfall. That’s really beautiful. This activity will cost you 10,000 rupiah .

After this day, you will be tired of course but I’m sure it’s worth it & Please do not forget your Karmen & Marius bag to follow you throughout the day.

Peace, Love & Mojitos !



Little Marcel 

Of course you know the brand Little Marcel, created in 2005 by Eric and his wife Lynda Schieven Leseigneur  at “Grau du Roi” in France. The story started with a “Marcel” (Tank top) continues to evolve. In 2006, with the success and demand , a child line is marketed under the name “Le petit Marcel” which will be followed in 2010 by a Baby collection “Mini marcel”. This year it was decided to give a real identity to the human line, called “MISTER MARCEL”.

Today the brand is growing strongly in exports in countries such as Benelux , Spain , Japan, Korea , Russia, Poland , Norway, Lebanon , the Caribbean, Australia and Canada.

I advise you to go in their store , the decor/ design in their shops is so nice & the products are beautiful and good value for money.

You can also find bags and accesories Karem & Marius in French outlets Little Marcel.

Peace, Love & Mojitos !




Today I’d like to talk about the Raffia. this noble material who is widely used throughout the world : It is used in twine, rope, baskets, placemats, hats, shoes, and textile. Of course you know 😉 This article will be devoted to tell the story of this material that I especially love & and I will speak to you about our bag collection Karmen & Marius made ​​with Raffia. Enjoy you reading !

The raffia tree belongs to the Palm family of trees. It can be found in abundance in countries as variedas Central Africa, Central America and in Asian countries alikefor example in the Phillipines and Indonesia. It has many uses in our daily lives ranging from ropes, decorative mats, shoes, bags, and hats; and prevalent also in the textile and contruction industries.

But it is here in Bali where we can find the Raffia leaf in all its splendour, immersed as part of the decorative daily offerings of the balinese tradition; found on the ground of street fronts to the façade of houses, hotels and hanging decoratively from cars to ceilings alike.

It is here where inspiration for its use as part of our line up of raffia bags come to being.

The fibrous leaf, referred to as the membrane, is found in the underside of each individual frond leaf, large and fanlike. The frond needs to be then delicately sliced to obtain the membrane fibre; which is a transparent soft material central in creating our Karmen & Marius Raffia bag collection. If the inner frond is not the one located closest to the mother branch then we cannot guarantee the softness of our products. Hence because of this, limitation in quantity and quality of our handmade products, you will always find inconsistencies to a varying degree. It is this membrane leaf that is then dyed and woven to produce our beautiful handmade raffia bags.

Thank you for reading and see you soon for another article.

Peace, Love & Mojitos !


Seminyak beach Bali

Another nice place to eat !

One afternoon during a break, I suggest you to go at the beach for a relaxing moment ! Yes, yes, nothing better than the beach to relax & recharge during a break :). So, go at the beach of Seminyak, you could lengthen you on the sun loungers and enjoy a good cocktail ! If you are hungry don’t worry, I recommended all the restaurants that are in front of the beach, indeed, for my part, I have never been disappointed. & For food lovers , I invite you to order a dessert (OF COURSE!!) for little sweet touch at the end of a good meal ! I just ate a pancake banana/honey ! (Yummy :p I always thinking about that…ahah)

And don’t forget, Peace, Love & Mojitos !




Hungry or thirsty, I have a perfect place for you . Meet at Canggu on the beach road, I found a little paradise ;). You will be at the height of trees in a hippy chic trendy decoration. I suggest you to take a good refreshing smoothie ! (Yummy  :p) You can also eat there, it’s around 60,000 IDR but believe me, it’s worth it ! I think this is my new favorite place. Nothing better for a break of happiness!

Go to : Ginsologi in Canggu, the road of the beach.

Peace, Love & Mojitos !

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When you see written “PEACE LOVE & MOJITO” at the edge of the road (392 Kerobokan, on the road between Semyniak and Canggu) stop and discover the universe of hippy chic In’sens Gallery.

A quiet, relaxing but especially friendly with the many materials and colors. You will find the very hippy chic decoration design of all types, perfect for your apartment or villa!

It is primarily an art gallery of vintage products as well as typical Indonesian products. Take your time and look at every object precisely, each of them is unique and imagine it in your dining room, your living room or your bedroom. The furniture is original and noble, beautiful diverse and colorful collections, everything you need to decorate your home !

  • Chairs, Lamps, Decorative objects, Tables, Articles, Armchairs, Paintings…

On the right of the gallery you have direct access to Karmen & Marius store, if you are looking for accessories this is the place for you… The atmosphere will please you if you’re a fan of trendy accessories in an hippy chic spirit very modern.  And don’t forget,

Peace, Love & Mojito !



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