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Karmen & Marius is happy to introduce the bags on sale. You can order directly online on or directly on our website. It’s a pleasure for us to help you to find your happiness. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate !

As you know, The “Urban Hippy” touch of the brand invited us to travel by combining French touch and Indian inspirations. Specialized in production of unique and handmade products, Karmen & Marius successfully combine the retro- vintage aspects with also a modern touch by using timeless noble’s material for years: jeans, jute, canvas, leather and linen. Jute bag adorned with a simple “Peace, Love & Mojitos” have promptly begun the flagship model of the brand.

You can see our different models of bags on our website or on, and this is some small description of our favorite bags:

Vintage Denim blue row is a classic bag, ideal for daily excursions or chic. This bag is handmade in Indonesia. Enjoy the authentic label glittering sequins on the front of the bag.

– If you want even more originality, we offer the bag: Vintage Denim blue destroy. This bag is light blue with an aged effect very fashionable.

Destiny Denim, if you are looking for something smaller and practice the destiny dinim bag is for you! This handbag manufactured in Indonesia is stylish and practical ..Enjoy two possible positions of the shoulder bag. & Finishes are in leather.

Handly Denim blue raw & Cute Denim blue raw are small. These kits will be perfectly accessorize your Karmen & Marius bag. Enjoy the authentic label on the front of the bag. Inside the bag is lined with a printed cotton Karmen and Marius.

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Little Marcel 

Of course you know the brand Little Marcel, created in 2005 by Eric and his wife Lynda Schieven Leseigneur  at “Grau du Roi” in France. The story started with a “Marcel” (Tank top) continues to evolve. In 2006, with the success and demand , a child line is marketed under the name “Le petit Marcel” which will be followed in 2010 by a Baby collection “Mini marcel”. This year it was decided to give a real identity to the human line, called “MISTER MARCEL”.

Today the brand is growing strongly in exports in countries such as Benelux , Spain , Japan, Korea , Russia, Poland , Norway, Lebanon , the Caribbean, Australia and Canada.

I advise you to go in their store , the decor/ design in their shops is so nice & the products are beautiful and good value for money.

You can also find bags and accesories Karem & Marius in French outlets Little Marcel.

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Today I’d like to talk about the Raffia. this noble material who is widely used throughout the world : It is used in twine, rope, baskets, placemats, hats, shoes, and textile. Of course you know 😉 This article will be devoted to tell the story of this material that I especially love & and I will speak to you about our bag collection Karmen & Marius made ​​with Raffia. Enjoy you reading !

The raffia tree belongs to the Palm family of trees. It can be found in abundance in countries as variedas Central Africa, Central America and in Asian countries alikefor example in the Phillipines and Indonesia. It has many uses in our daily lives ranging from ropes, decorative mats, shoes, bags, and hats; and prevalent also in the textile and contruction industries.

But it is here in Bali where we can find the Raffia leaf in all its splendour, immersed as part of the decorative daily offerings of the balinese tradition; found on the ground of street fronts to the façade of houses, hotels and hanging decoratively from cars to ceilings alike.

It is here where inspiration for its use as part of our line up of raffia bags come to being.

The fibrous leaf, referred to as the membrane, is found in the underside of each individual frond leaf, large and fanlike. The frond needs to be then delicately sliced to obtain the membrane fibre; which is a transparent soft material central in creating our Karmen & Marius Raffia bag collection. If the inner frond is not the one located closest to the mother branch then we cannot guarantee the softness of our products. Hence because of this, limitation in quantity and quality of our handmade products, you will always find inconsistencies to a varying degree. It is this membrane leaf that is then dyed and woven to produce our beautiful handmade raffia bags.

Thank you for reading and see you soon for another article.

Peace, Love & Mojitos !


Karmen & Marius

Karmen & Marius brand was born in 2013 from a mix of a Mediterranean and Indonesian culture. The brand name is referring to the “Karma” and a typical surname from the South of France. Originally from island of Gods, Karmen & Marius offers an original and authentic second wind of Chic and Bohemian style.

The “Urban Hippy” touch of the brand invited us to travel by combining French touch and Indian inspirations. Specialized in production of unique and handmade products, Karmen & Marius successfully combine the retro- vintage aspects with also a modern touch by using timeless noble’s material for years: jeans, jute, canvas, leather and linen.

Jute bag adorned with a simple “Peace, Love & Mojitos” have promptly begun the flagship model of the brand. Beach baskets quickly complete the collection as well as costume jewellery made in limited series and textile products designed with high-quality materials. The brand is also developing an exclusive handmade line of leather bicolor bags.

Authentic successful brand with original touch, Karmen & Marius is now highlighted in many posh and fashionable places from Bali to Cannes, in France. Today, Karmen & Marius imposed it handmade products and makes it as a must-have in this summer dress room.

Be peace, love & mojitos !!!

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WHO’S NEXT fashion show, Paris

The WHO’S NEXT fashion show in Paris is the meeting place for all actors of fashion. It presents all market sectors: ready-to-wear, urban fashion and men, fashion accessories, footwear, leather goods and luggage, jewelry. More than a show, WHO’S NEXT is also, through its exhibitions, shows and conferences, an indispensable source of information on trends. For over 20 years, WHO’S NEXT fashion place at Paris is positioned as THE place to promote creation. Young designers of well-established brands, from urban labels to craftsmen, our teams have always emphasized the beauty products and know-how, regardless of the context or origin. This quest for novelty, innovation and aestheticism, without forgetting the human dimension probably helped that our events gain international recognition. At a time when globalization and standardization are everywhere, we do our best to answer the questions, the doubts, the needs and hopes of fashion players. Discover new brands, a real pleasure for eyes.


The Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter is organized from January 16 to 19, in 2017. This event do not miss…

You will discover all kinds of Fall/Winter clothing, fashion & clothing accessories, garment related products, services & supplies :

  • Ladie’s wear
  • Men’s wear
  • Babies and children’s wear
  • Sportswear
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Evening wear
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Costume
  • Jewellery
  • Fabrics
  • Buttons
  • Labels
  • Inspection, testing, certification & verification services
  • Fashion magazines

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a series of international fashion weeks sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and produced by IMG. Notable Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks include events in Berlin, Australia, Georgia, Miami, Russia, Istanbul, Mexico, and “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York”, held during New York Fashion Week.

One of the bigger fashion event.

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BLUE GLUE swimwear

Blue Glue is a leading concept of “Beach-Chic Store”, as manufacturer, franchiser, retailer and innovative brand in Swimwear Fashion. Manufacturing swimwear since 1989 in Paris for some famous brands and launched in Bali in 2004, Blue Glue is connoisseur in the swimwear industry and extends its retail network actively over 103 countries. We are now delivering the Blue Glue Franchise, opening on all shores of the blue Planet !

Blue Glue’s mission is to make all women feel beautiful and confident in bikini, proposing all fashion trends and complete outfits for beach, swimming-pool, resort wear…

To be a real mermaid on the beach, come on :

  • Jl. Sawira
  • Jl. Raya Kerobokan
  • Jl. Petitenget
  • Jl. Raya Ubud

And click the link to see Blue Glue world wide shops


With more than ten years experience as a designer, exporter, manufacturer, importer and retail business of hand made ethnic clothes, sandals and accessories, Lakra brand is bringing you quality articles and fashion apparel from around the world.

Proudly serving you retail and wholesale at competitive prices with a complete selection of the latest trendy fashion textile garments and fashion accessories.

We love their chics & etnics bags… The perfect accesory to dress attire.

Go shopping to the address :

Seminyak n.61 Seminyak Bali

Basangkasa n.11 Seminyak Bali

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

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