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Karmen & Marius is happy to introduce the bags on sale. You can order directly online on eBay.com.au or directly on our website. It’s a pleasure for us to help you to find your happiness. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate !

As you know, The “Urban Hippy” touch of the brand invited us to travel by combining French touch and Indian inspirations. Specialized in production of unique and handmade products, Karmen & Marius successfully combine the retro- vintage aspects with also a modern touch by using timeless noble’s material for years: jeans, jute, canvas, leather and linen. Jute bag adorned with a simple “Peace, Love & Mojitos” have promptly begun the flagship model of the brand.

You can see our different models of bags on our website or on eBay.com.au, and this is some small description of our favorite bags:

Vintage Denim blue row is a classic bag, ideal for daily excursions or chic. This bag is handmade in Indonesia. Enjoy the authentic label glittering sequins on the front of the bag.

– If you want even more originality, we offer the bag: Vintage Denim blue destroy. This bag is light blue with an aged effect very fashionable.

Destiny Denim, if you are looking for something smaller and practice the destiny dinim bag is for you! This handbag manufactured in Indonesia is stylish and practical ..Enjoy two possible positions of the shoulder bag. & Finishes are in leather.

Handly Denim blue raw & Cute Denim blue raw are small. These kits will be perfectly accessorize your Karmen & Marius bag. Enjoy the authentic label on the front of the bag. Inside the bag is lined with a printed cotton Karmen and Marius.

& Don’t forget, Peace, Love & Mojitos ! 




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