Little Marcel 

Of course you know the brand Little Marcel, created in 2005 by Eric and his wife Lynda Schieven Leseigneur  at “Grau du Roi” in France. The story started with a “Marcel” (Tank top) continues to evolve. In 2006, with the success and demand , a child line is marketed under the name “Le petit Marcel” which will be followed in 2010 by a Baby collection “Mini marcel”. This year it was decided to give a real identity to the human line, called “MISTER MARCEL”.

Today the brand is growing strongly in exports in countries such as Benelux , Spain , Japan, Korea , Russia, Poland , Norway, Lebanon , the Caribbean, Australia and Canada.

I advise you to go in their store , the decor/ design in their shops is so nice & the products are beautiful and good value for money.

You can also find bags and accesories Karem & Marius in French outlets Little Marcel.

Peace, Love & Mojitos !





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