The Butchers Club was established in April 2013 by a passionate meatman, accompanied by some friends. Present in Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore, this restaurant is a real success thanks to fresh produce and quality.

The restaurant based in Bali, The Butchers Club Burger, opened in January 2015. Regarding the proposed menus, we find different and varied flavors to taste and desire of each: chicken or steak, cheddar, bacon, mushrooms, chili, fried eggs and many other ingredients. A special burger vegian was created to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. Yes, a burger without meat, it may be ! Accompanied by “duck fat fries” and a drink of your choice, the average of a menu is approximately 180,000 RPS.

The staff of this institution knows perfectly welcome guests with enthusiasm and good humor, and is at disposal for any need.

This restaurant has an interior room (with low tables and high tables), but also an outdoor terrace with large wooden tables, perfect for groups of friends. A successful atmosphere and a great time to share around what we all love, childs and adults, the Burger.

You should know : the happy hours from 4 pm to 7 pm proposed by The Butchers Club is a good plan for an evening with friends or family: a small Bintang 25K to cool off after work, and a good burger to finish off his day. Try, you will certainly not be disappointed with the chill vibesĀ !

Ps: We inform you that new “The Butchers Club” restaurants will open soon in England, in the Philippines and in Dubai.





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