At the same time restaurant and interior designer, Bungalow Living Bali, based at Canggu, is a revelation. The original idea to mix the interior decorating store and the restaurant create a real atmosphere, a charm. The music is relaxing, similar to a spa, which perfectly combines the smell of incense: it created a Balinese atmosphere and it’s very restful.

Bungalow Living Bali offers coffees, original juices and detox (with bases like carrot, ginger, cucumber) and pressed fruit juices. You can find healthy dishes such as club sandwiches, toasts, salads… And for greedy peoples, a dessert menu including cheesecakes, brownies etc. All this is certified home-made. A bio-chic and a wellness mood.

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Regarding interior design, Bungalow proposes very nice items to furnish its cocoon: pillows, blankets, flower pots, dishes, carpets, chairs, lamps. We join the materials used (fabric, crochet, wood) that bring a bohemian style very trendy nowadays. The patterns found on the pillows are very modern and trendy, perfect to beautify your property: palmtrees, pineapple, geometric shapes. And all this hyper colorful : you will not go off without a look, without the desire to buy. The company also sells incense.

What a good smell !

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An advantage in the offer : Bungalow Living Bali proposed jewelry such as necklaces, gypsy style bracelets, city and beach bags. Also, pockets with geometric prints and patterns. Created with taste !

So we recommend a detour to Bali Bungalow Living, a hippie-chic-bohemian universe, and good vibes that we LOVE for the lunch-break.





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